A Seamstress's Confessions

4/5/18  What's Stitching in 2018
9/11/17  Why I sew (And why I don't)
5/5/17  Refashioning is less of a modern fan than you might think
4/15/17  The Case of the Missing Costumes
3/8/17  Ode to an Iron
11-28-16  Behind the Threads - How I embroider the Towels
10-6-16  One Million page views!
8-17-16  I've published my first novel! (And designed some dresses for it)
7-1-15  I am Writing a Sewing Book
12-16-14  Thrift Store Treasures
10-31-14  Halloween Through the Years
10-30-14  A Minnesota Banana
8-23-14  Procrastinating on the Cost Queries
8-18-14  Garment Tags at Last!
8-8-14  Goodbye Singer, Hello Janome!
6-30-14  Dealing With Sewing Frustrations
6-15-14  My Very First Machine
6-6-14  In a Sewing Revolution
6-3-14  Convention Going
5-2-14  I usually don't poke myself with needles
4-17-14  Introducing My Love to my other Love
4-1-14  Sewing Blogs
3-12-14  Embroidery Machine
3-4-14  Corset Lacing
2/21/14  New Machine Joins the Family
5-7-13  Happy 200th Post (A look Back)
3-13-13  Fashion Sketches Hold up Beta Reading!
2-12-13  Sewing Machine Rentals and Vacations
1-19-13  The Tale of the Serger Repair Mission
12-31-12  The Costumes of 2012
10-3-12  Book Bargain! 
9-28-12  Too Many Projects?!? Naw...
9-14-12  The Secret to Sewing is...?
8-30-12  First Theatrical Costuming Project
8-7-12  I miss my sewing machine
7-6-12  Fabric Bargains
6-23-12  Dress Deconstruction
6-22-12  THE SERGER
6-15-12  Wailing About Gussets
6-7-12  How Costumery is like Potions Class
5-18-12  Costume Pruning
5-16-12  How I was convinced to use a sewing pattern
5-3-12  Being a Seamstress is...
4-30-12  Pattern from Old Jeans
4-16-12  Thoughts on starting up a business
2-24-12  The Fashion Cycle
2-15-12  Recycling
1-30-12  Alterations
9-27-11  Costumes on TV
9-9-11  Cotton, Flax and Pineapple Leaves
9-3-11  Egyptian Deodorant
8-24-11  Hands on Silk
8-5-11    I am a Seamstress
7-25-11  The Most Amazing Textbook Ever