Thursday, May 3, 2012

Being a Seamstress is...

  • Taking over your parents' garage to store your fabric.
  • Taking over half of the family room as a sewing area.
  • Buying cool patterns when they go on sale even though you never use patterns.
  • Learning how to be really, really good with an iron.
  • Owning two irons - a regular one and a mini one.
  • Having your mom bring you back fabric as a souvenir.
  • Not letting anyone you know throw away curtains because they're the best sources of awesome cheap fabric.
  • Organizing your thread by color and type.
  • Spending more time analyzing the costumes in movies than the dialogue.
  • Asking for a dress form for Christmas.
  • Daydreaming not about boys, but about awesome new sewing projects.
  • Actually dreaming, not about boys, but about awesome new sewing projects.
  • Maxing out your credit card on fabric, rather than make-up.
  • Measuring the economy by how fabric prices fluctuate. 
  • Winning games like Scrabble and Scattergories because you know obscure clothing words.
  • Finding mysterious bags on your front step full of fabric because everyone knows you'll give all sewing stuff a good home.
  • Going garage-saleing so that you can snap up bargains when people give up sewing and sell their stock. 
  • Regret wasting even the smallest bit of fabric because IT'S FABRIC!
  • Having your friends send you links for every cool costume and sewing reference they find and say "Look! It's you!"
  • Play "Who am I?" at your birthday party and your friends tag you as Edna Moe from "The Incredibles."
  • When distracted by a superhero costume, it's usually because it's physically impossible, not just because it's immodest. 
  • Being unable to fall asleep because you didn't hem the organza properly. 
  • Wishing we still had old fashioned quilting parties because getting together with other girls to sew sounds like the best thing ever. 


  1.'s like your living in my head! I'm pretty sure all of those things are true for me! =)

  2. Ditto.
    About the wasting fabric- Like tiny hems, and all that? Don't. Bag it up, it makes good stuffing for big things, like bean bags and Padded seats for your sewing chair.

  3. THAT'S. ME PAT Im AT THE MACHINE NOW 6:39am Houston TX


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