Commissions (CLOSED)

Due to health issues, I will not be taking on further costume commissions for the foreseeable future. Because I need to focus on my health, and don't know where this journey is going to take me, I'm suspending even the cost queries. I just don't have the energy to deal with correspondence, particularly when I don't know when I'll be working again.  Thank you for your understanding. 

(all current commissions in queue WILL be finished, so please don't worry if you have a downpayment on something.)

Are you interested in commissioning a costume from me? There are three simple steps.

#1. Please read all of information on this page. (I know it's long, but it'll save us both time.)
#2.Get a quote on your dream costume by filling out this form
#3. Sign up for the Costume Queue Alert (on the right sidebar) to receive an e-mail when the queue next opens!

The Costume Queue is CLOSED
The queue for 2015 is CLOSED 

I no longer take commissions for CLOAKS!!! Here's Why.

You can see pictures of my past work on my Costume Diaries page.

I accept costume commissions in blocks, to minimize the amount of time I have to spend on correspondence and maximize actual sewing time. I am currently scheduled through approximately September, 2015. Sometime in September I will open the 2016 Commissions Block. This block will only be open for a short time, and once it's closed I will not accept commissions until the next block opens.

To ensure that you are alerted as soon as the block opens so that you can get your order in immediately, please sign up for the Costume Queue Alert on the Right Sidebar. The alert will go out about three days before the block actual opens, and I will indicate both on this blog and the facebook page when I am getting close to sending an alert out.

Costume Queue FAQ's

"How do I know how much my commission will cost?"

Please complete the cost query form here, and I'll reply with either an estimate (for new pieces) or a set price (for pieces I've done before). Note that this price might change slightly if there is a great deal of time between your cost query and the opening of the Queue Block. I answer these e-mails in groups, so don't be worried if you don't see a reply for awhile. It'll come before the queue opens!

"How do you decide which costumes to take?"
I operate on a first come, first served basis, although I reserve the right to reject any costume that I do not feel adequate to complete.

"How many costumes can you take in a single commission block?"
It will vary depending on the costume. If you want a very elaborate costume, you will need to be early on the queue, as I would not be able to take it on if I already have a nearly full block. The Spring/Summer 2014 Block was 10 orders, and the 2015 block was 8 ensembles, minus cloaks, which now are a separate operation).

"How will I place my order?"
I will put up an order form on the website. As soon as your order form is accepted, I will send you a request for a 10% down payment to reserve your queue spot. If the down payment is not sent within 24 hours, your spot will be given to another.

Other FAQ's

"Do you ship internationally? And how much does that cost?"

I DO ship internationally, however I recommend that you research shipping costs so that you can add that into your budget, as I do not including shipping costs with my product estimate. I'm located in the central United States and ship everything via the US Postal Service. You can use their price calculator to estimate shipping costs.

"How much do most of your costumes cost? In other words, how much should I be prepared to spend?"
Average prices for my pieces are typically $250 - $600 USD depending on the costume, although more elaborate pieces can run much higher. (This does not include shipping.)

"How do I pay you? Is a deposit required?"
I use Paypal for all transactions. A 10% down payment is required immediately. The remainder will be required in two separate payments, one at the beginning of costume construction, the other about a week before the costume's due date.

Why aren't there pictures of my costume on your blog yet?
While I occasionally post in-progress sneak peeks on the facebook page and my tumblr, I do not post full write-ups until the costume is completed. This way my readers do not have to wait weeks between the parts, and I can post the write-up when I have time in between costumes. I do however e-mail my clients in-progress pictures of their pieces for feedback and verification.

"What if something doesn't fit perfectly?"
Although I work very hard to draft/alter patterns to fit your measurements, when working long distance it can sometimes be difficult to get a precise measurement - this is why all custom sewing typically includes fitting sessions with the tailor/seamstress. Even ready-made suits require hemming and often other alterations to get a perfect fit. The fix for this isn't difficult, however (and it it's rarely necessary). A local seamstress should be more than capable of handling any such minor alterations for a very reasonable fee. This way you get a chance to take advantage of my costuming expertise, and have the advantage of a personal fitting even if you live half the world away!

"Can you sew with spandex and/or leather?"
I do not work with Spandex. I will do thin-medium leather depending on the project, although this is an expensive option (as is fur) and the imitations are easier to work with (and thus take less of my time).

Can you make foam/leather armor?
Generally, no. While I've done foam armor for personal projects, it does not ship well and is not durable enough for long term use, thus making it a medium I am disinclined to invest time into. Leather armor is even more difficult than regular leather garments, and I recommend contacting an experienced leather-worker.

"What about footwear, hats, veils, gloves and utility belts?"
I don't do footwear or gloves, and generally only embellish existing headpieces to go with a costume. I might do utility belts, unless it is of a thick, stiff leather. It really depends on the piece, so just ask!


  1. How will i pack for the peacock costume? considering that i live in italy?

  2. How much would you charge for the Padme Amidala White Nightie and Blue Gown tailor quality?

  3. Emily, please send me an e-mail with pictures of your desired commission and I'll give you a quote. :)

  4. i need a replica of Ruby's cloak from ouat. i'm 5' 2" i would need it by the very beginning of October. would you be able to make it? and how much would it be?

  5. Anon, my queue is full through the beginning of October. Sorry! :(

  6. How much would you charge to make padmes veil. Just the veil. It doesn't have to be as fancy. Actually id prefer plainer. And doesn't have to be expensive lace. Maybe imitation white lace. It would be for my small wedding. No embelishments nesssacary just a lace veil in that General padme shape .

  7. Anon, please send me an e-mail at elenatintil [at[ gmail [dot[ com with your question.

  8. How much would Padme's Lake Dress cost?

  9. would i be able to request a Queen Serenity dress?

  10. Hey. I was wondering how much the Ruby's red velvet replica cloak would cost. I'm 5'3. Even if you are booked , I would still like to know. Thank you.

  11. Now we are into March 2016, do you know when you might be up for taking orders again? No pressure or rush, your health is most important, just wondering! Is there anyone else you know that can make these?

  12. Melissa,

    Unfortunately (and frustratingly) I remain very sick and unable to sew much at all these days. Hannah Karena on Facebook is my former apprentice and I recommend her work.


Welcome to the discussion! Please note that due to chronic illness, I am no longer taking commissions of any kind.

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