Friday, May 18, 2012

Costumes and Costumes and Costumes

You know you have a lot of costumes when you haul five tubs in from the garage, sort through all of them, wash nearly everything, then realize you are missing some costumes and find another tub out there.

Yes, the spring organization continues. My extensive costume collection has been in need of some care and weeding for quite awhile, and this week my sister agreed to help me with the task (don't worry, she got several cool pieces out of the deal!). So we sorted through everything. There was no real organizational theme, which means everything was just jammed in there. We threw away the stuff not worth keeping, tossed a few things in the Goodwill box, and then I started washing the rest of it. By the time I'm done it will have been something like 8 loads of laundry, and that's not counting any of the more elaborate garments that never get stored in boxes and are hanging up on a rack.

Now I'm nearly done, and I've got all the boxes sorted by type of garment and everything is folded and easy to see. There's also plenty of space in each box, so all of the covers will actually fit on! Oh, and we have new tubs too! Finally I don't have to worry about dust and nastier stuff getting in among my treasures!

What's been interesting about this process is seeing exactly what I have. There were several pieces I'd totally forgotten that I owned, and there were other pieces that I made so long ago, they're not worth keeping in their present form but have really nice revamping possibilities. So those will be some nice projects to fit in between my commission work and sewing for Your Little Princess.

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  1. OOoh! Pictures of some of your collection some time?


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