Thursday, August 30, 2012

Let's Take a Look at My First Show

That is, the first theatrical production that I costumed. This was back when I was 18 and my sister had gotten the lead role of Queen Esther in our church's children's musical. They asked me to do the costuming, and somehow I worked it all out in between classes. 

I was more than happy to do so, of course, for what big sister is going to pass up her chance to dress her little sister as royalty? 

I created seven costumes for the show, and helped organize the others from the existing costume wardrobe.

My sister's gown was definitely my favorite part of the project, and still remains something I'm pretty proud of. It contained three pieces, a cream lace undergown (with slip), a pale pink embroidered overgown, and a dark purple chiffon robe.

It was also my first time putting a serious train on anything...

Is it period Persian dress? Not exactly, but it worked well for the production and the number of layers allowed my sister to create a variation of looks for her different scenes.

This picture includes a good look at the shape of the sleeves, and a peek at one of the purple dancing costumes I did.

Long time ago, but there are still things I'm pretty happy about here.

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