Monday, August 13, 2012

Rainbow Dash Ballgown Part 2

The main pieces are cut and assembled, so now it's time to add some glitz to this pony gown!

I used the top of the bodice to trace a template for the gold edging, which was cut in three pieces, then sewn together. The top edge was sewn to the bodice by machine, the bottom edge turned under and sewn by hand.

Cutting out another template for the criss-cross gold bands.

Pinning down and turning the edges under...

Here is another really good example of the difference between what I term 'costume quality' and 'tailor' quality. In this piece, 'tailor' quality is the hand stitching I did on the upper gold edging. 'Costume' quality is how I secured the lower crossing bands - I machine stitched down the edges. This means that if you look closely, the stitches are visible, but it doesn't really have much effect on the structure of the costume. On stage this wouldn't be noticeable, at a convention or for a photoshoot it really depends on your preference.

It's one thing on the dress form...

And another in action!

Doesn't she look rocking? I love how she styled the costume with the jewelry, wig and sandals! You can see more of the final ensemble at the cosplayer blog here!

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  1. very cool! lol I am 13 and still watch (and love) that show!


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