Saturday, August 18, 2012

How WE Benefit when Michelle Obama Wears Pricey Clothes

High profile political icons like Michelle Obama and Princess Kate often get a lot of flak from the media due to the high price-tags on a lot of their clothing ensembles. Awhile back I wrote a post on Facebook talking about why their choices are good for us all, and I thought the readers of my blog might find it interesting as well.

So... why is it okay for people like Princess Kate and Michelle Obama to shell out a lot of money on clothes? 

I see them getting a lot of flack and it kind of bugs me because they're wearing those clothes for a reason. They're representatives of their nations and need to look the part. But it's more than that. Women that are or are married to the head of state (or their heir) typically try very hard to frequent the designers of their own countries. All the money they spend goes right back into their own economies - AND it brings global awareness to those designers, which also brings more $$$ into their country's economy.

Yes. You heard me. What Michelle Obama wears (if she's picking American designers, which I believe she is) is good for the American economy.

And it's not just the high end designers that benefit. When Kate Middleton wears a popular outfit, lower end designers immediately rush to make cheaper replicas which are eagerly bought up (seriously, the numbers are crazy) and further fuel the economy of all countries with their eyes on Britain (yep, that's America too, because Anglophenia is pretty crazy here...)

So next time you hear about a $7000 jacket, take it with a grain of salt, because it's doing a lot more work than a stimulus plan.

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