Monday, June 30, 2014

Let's Not Go Throwing Sewing Machines (Even If We Want To)

I've been sewing for almost 20 years and there are still times when I want to hurl the sewing machine out of the window.

Okay, I don't actually want to hurl my sewing machine anywhere, it is behaving beautifully. But I sewed two major seams wrong and URG THE FRUSTRATION! I mean, it's a fairly easy fix, it's just that they were fussy seams to do the first time around and I feel like I wasted an hour.


When I was younger and such things happened, my mentality was "MUST KEEP WORKING UNTIL PERFECT!" Invariably my frustration would cause me to make more mistakes which would make the frustration greater in a vicious never-ending cycle.

Finally I realized that "Hey, maybe I should just walk away, take a deep breath, do something else and come back with renewed patience."

It was like magic! Sure it's hard to walk away when I JUST WANT TO GET SOMETHING DONE and I'm on a deadline. But honestly it saves time in the long run, and definitely keeps my blood pressure down!

Lesson of the Day: When you want to do something destructive to your sewing equipment, don't. Walk away, drink some tea, eat some chocolate, tidy up the kitchen, then come back and try again.

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  1. This is the most valuable advice you can give a fledgling sewist. Patience is the most unrated of sewing skills. Just found your blog via the CONvergence tumblr link. I love it! Esp the OUAT inspiration posts.


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