Friday, September 28, 2012

Too many projects?!? Naw...

So much sewing this week! Projects include:

Belle's blue dress from "Once Upon a Time" x 2 (who is excited for the season 2 premiere this weekend?)

A corset for myself (first time making one, actually!)

Designing more dresses for YLP (YLP = Your Little Princess Costume Design)

And hopefully cutting out another dress for YLP, there's some lovely red satin and white embroidered cotton looking wistfully at the sewing scissors... 

I'm also finishing my head bust/mold/model/whatchamacallit and -

- covering a pair of shoes to match another dress. 

That's not mentioning any writing (I'm getting a novel published!) or house cleaning (oh, is that a spider? BREAK OUT THE VACUUUM), or social time (Politics or Doctor Who, it's all fair game among my friends...) 

Oh and did I mention I need to write up a blog post about my last costume? Hmmm, must get around to doing that... it involves velvet, first time use of my serger, and venetian lace appliques!

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