Monday, September 17, 2012

Cinderella Pin-Up Part 1

Surprisingly enough (to me at least) a popular costume choice at comic conventions are Disney Princesses. Usually some variation of the classic costume. So of course it was only a matter of time before someone wanted me to create a piece inspired by the classic Disney look.

This Cinderella Pin-Up was based on this, this and this

(Normally I'm not in to making pin-up costumes, but the design we settled on was pretty modest and cute so I was excited to try it out.)

I made the pattern using the duct tape method which I love more every time I use it.

My customer requested fake lacing on the back, with a hidden functional zipper. So I marked out guidelines on the back panel and sewed down cording in a criss cross pattern..

I then sewed a seam over the lacing edges to cover them and help complete the illusion.

This was a costume quality piece, so the boning got zig-zagged directly onto the lining.

For the sleeves and peplum we found a gorgeous sparkly embroidered chiffon  organza (I still get them mixed up!), on clearance!

I used a strip of the same fabric cut on the same curve to create a bias tape edge that was smoother than trying to sew a hem.

I repeated the method about an inch from the bottom scallop to create a casing for the elastic on the bottom of the sleeves.

Learn how to make the peplum and check out the finished product in Part 2!

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