Thursday, September 20, 2012

Cinderella Pin-Up Part 2

Part 1 involved boning, fake lacing, and organza sleeves. In Part 2, we'll learn how to make a version of Cinderella's famous poofy skirt panels - technically called a peplum.

Sleeves were sewn into the top seam of the bodice as I attached the outer shell to the lining.

Time for that peplum! I started off with a curved piece a bit smaller than I wanted the finished peplum to be.

I then cut an identically shaped but much larger piece which I gathered into the smaller one.

Look at that, properly poofy!

Time to gather the remaining edges and sew it into the bodice!

The fussiest part of the whole project was making the bottom piece. It's hard to fit something like that with non-stretchy fabric and I would prefer not to have to do so again. However, I think I made this work.

Last of all I inserted a separating zipper into the side back seam. See the final pictures here!

Want a piece like this or a dream costume of your own created by me? Check out my Commission Page!

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