Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Thrift Store Treasures

There's been a lack of sewing over here due to my sewing room getting turned into Santa's Workshop and my job position getting switched to 'head present maker.' There will be plenty of fun stuff to look at after Christmas, but for now, I'm going to share some clothing that I found rather than made.

I love how the big sleeves balance my curves! One A for $4

Due to being healthy(ier) for several years now, I've actually gained rather than lost weight. This means that several staples of my wardrobe for the past seven years are suddenly too small. Thankfully a local thrift store chain was having a 50% off sale on all of their clothes, so I could go stock up on warm winter tops.

Apt. 9 for $4

My family always teases me about the number of skirts I own, but I do cycle through them and give away the ones I no longer wear. Thankfully, my husband quite likes skirts, and I appreciate the economy and comfort of them! Skirts, for instance, are more forgiving of weight changes than jeans!

AB Studio for $5
 Alas, my selection of holiday festive sweaters was the catagory with the biggest hit in the 'outgrown' pile. This long sweater should be a good replacement. It's a wee bit scratchy around the shoulders, but being short sleeved it shouldn't get too hot if I layer it with a tank.

American Eagle for $4
 This sweater was just a tad larger than what really fits me... but it is SO comfortable, I had to get it. Perfect for lounging on a cold day, and I can always roll up the sleeves/pair it with a belt/take in the sides.

Vanity for $2.50
Initially I wasn't sure about this one. However it is really hard for me to find dressier black layering pieces I can easily unzip/take off if I get too hot. (I'm not a fan of buttons so that rules out nearly all cardigans). This was cute and thin, and cheap.

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