Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Gothic Raggedy Ann - Part 1

While most of my costume commissions fall in the fantasy realm, every now and then I get something pretty unique.

When my client e-mailed me this photo and asked for a price quote, I thought "huh, now that'll raise some eyebrows among my facebook friends!" but decided to give it a go anyhow.

This was my first project after the Queen Regina adventure, so I was intensely particular about setting up and measuring the dress form.

The bloomers were pretty simple, I just made a pattern based on a pair of my own shorts, adjusting for the client's measurements.

Serged everything...

Hemmed it up! (This was supposed to be a cost effective costume, so the serged hems only got folded over once.)

Added elastic and lace and hey presto!

Bloomers, With my lovely new garment tags!

Although the original photo involves polyester and shiny-ness, my client wanted this to be a very durable costume so we opted for cotton options (which I think is more in tune with Ann's style, anyhow!).

For the bodice I pretty much just draped the pattern.

Lots of eyelet lace everywhere!

Empire waisted blouse.

Sleeves, prior to elastic insertion.

Stitching the upper and lower bodice pieces together.

Although the bodice will be tucked in, I wanted to make sure it was long enough that my client wouldn't have to worry about it pulling out when she bent over. Also, the sleeves can be worn over the shoulders, or down on the arms.

Click here for Part 2!

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