Friday, January 2, 2015

Gothic Raggedy Ann - Part 2

In order to reduce bulk and maximize efficiency, I opted to make the apron ties the waistband of the skirt. This worked pretty well and also reduced the amount of fabric required.

I love all the layers of details in this costume. Even though the pattern itself was simple to make, it is still very visually interesting because of the blend of textures and accents.

The back of the blouse is closed with an invisible zipper.

The back of the skirt has a regular, lapped zipper.

This was my first time ever working with skull fabric. Thank goodness the Halloween fabrics had just gotten in at JoAnn's!

I had this black embroidered chiffon ribbon in my stash and thought it added a really cute and interesting later. It was also more in keeping with the other materials than a satin ribbon would have been.

It was tremendously difficult to find large enough buttons for this costume without breaking the bank. Buttonhive on Etsy sold these in lots of six, but agreed to give me a special listing for just the two that I needed. I was very grateful!

I wouldn't say I always enjoy a unique challenge, but I did like this one. It was fun to get to work with predictable cotton fabric instead of slippery silks and satins, and it was fun to do something with so much embellishment.

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