Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Fashion by Mayhem meets J.Crew

On February 26th, 2014, a little girl making paper dresses exploded onto the internet. On February 27th, I joined instagram purely so that I could follow her mom's account and watch this little one's creative journey. It's been really fun to watch her creations grow over the past year, and especially delightful to see her get her first sewing machine! (She's starting out even younger than I did, folks!)

But now comes the craziest news of all - Mayhem has her own label at J.Crew! I'm tremendously excited to see what the line has to offer (coming Summer 2015) and whether there will be anything I can afford to get for my niece.

In a world where parents can so easily exploit their kids, it is important to be cautious about what we give our virtual attention to. But everything I have seen from Angie and Mayhem indicates that Mama and Papa are working hard to give their daughter a normal childhood. Which would be difficult anyhow, since Mayhem (a nickname) has food allergies even more severe than my own! But nonetheless, food and fame aside, they seem to be very dedicated to letting her remain a kid. Angie has stated more than once that if anything of the fame stuff stresses her or Mayhem out, they don't do it, period. The dresses are first and foremost about fun and mother/daughter bonding. The fame is just a side effect. And that's how it should be, folks.

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