Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Designs in White

Hello faithful followers who are still checking my pages! I've been out of commission for quite some time due to a trip to Louisiana that got a lot crazier than expected.

I'm starting to miss my sewing room and my fabric stash quite a lot, but I've been staying textile happy by playing around with Doll Divine - it's about the most I'm up to anyhow. Since we're down south for a wedding, I have (naturally) been inspired to create wedding designs. It's a fun way to stretch the capacity of each dollmaker, by creating variation with texture and layers, rather than color.

First off, the four dresses of Westeros. Influences of Tyrell, Stark, Lannister and Targaryn. 

The Lord of the Rings designs were my first in this exercise. I just started playing around with variations of white dresses and then it became wedding dresses... try as I did to keep everything white, I couldn't resist the red flowers in the Hobbit gown. (Which is one of my husband's favorites in this line-up, incidentally.)

Here I deliberately went more Elizabethan/Tudor "inspired" rather than "accurate." I wanted to design gowns that would be wearable today without seeming too much like cosplay. In other words, a bride could wear one of these gowns, but her groom wouldn't look out of place next to her if he wore a tuxedo. I actually really like the middle right one... it is totally not historically accurate in any way, but still very Elizabethan evocative. And honestly, it's still more accurate than most of the dresses on "Reign."

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