Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Inbox will be attended to soon! Plus, Little Dresses

If I continue to improve, I should be getting those promised e-mails out tomorrow. Meanwhile, a peek at what I've been doing to recuperate... small projects for small stamina!

I like making Barbie dresses because the time and money investment is so little, that I can indulge in some pretty dressmaking for "myself" without it detracting from my paid commissions. I don't get much chance to make full-size costumes for my own use these days!

This was made with the "c" view on this Vintage Paris pattern. I actually thought I was making the green "e" dress, which looked an awful lot like a "c" when I printed it out. #lowercase problems. So anyhow, that's why the shoulders really aren't right, this dress wasn't made to work with heavy fabrics (even this very light velvet).

However, it still turned out cool-looking.

Then I was going through my pattern box and discovered this renaissance barbie dress from McCall's that I had cut out years ago but never sewn. Cutting out is my least favorite part of a project, so I was thrilled to only have to sew this one! 

Doesn't she look like a proper Juliet? And although Anne Shirley might disagree, I think her red hair goes very well with the pink brocade!

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