Wednesday, November 12, 2014

A Tale of Three Sisters and their Wardrobes

Finally "Once Upon a Time" brought us some more insight into Ingrid's past. Like with most of their villains, it is a deeply sympathetic one. But that's another story. Today's post is about the three princesses of Arendelle's choices in pastel dresses.

I must say, the three dresses worn in the kite scene were probably my favorite. They were the most grounded in historical influences, pretty and innocent and childlike, with enough frills and texture to befit their royal status.

I was less enthusiastic about the party dresses. Pretty, but lacking uniqueness or originality, and looking just a trifle too juvenile for the maturity of the actresses. Plus, Ingrid's blouse and skirt combination looked absolutely horrible on her.

Helga and Gerda have gorgeous cloaks, that unfortunately reveal nothing of the outfits underneath. (we see a few tantalizing glimpses in Gerda's scene with the trolls later). Ingrid, meanwhile, stays in drab colors with a horrifyingly ugly dress that does not flatter her at all. I can only hope that they were deliberately trying to cast her as the "awkward ugly spinster sister" because it is painful to think that anyone thought this was a good look for Elizabeth Mitchell.

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