Thursday, November 6, 2014

All About Belle

In Once Upon a Time: Family Business (2.4) we got not one, but four new fairy tale outfits for Belle, plus one for her mother! 

I was unable to find a good photo of the new blue bodice, but this gif is decent. It's basically the same as her original blue dress, just with more princess-y embellishments.

Alas, no good photos of her frilly nightgown!
From Midstorm's Tumblr
OUAT is kind of known for awesome cloaks, but to be honest, it's refreshing to have a different sort of outerwear make an appearance. Belle's coat with capelet is certainly more practical for mountain climbing!

From TryingToFindTallahasee's tumblr
Perhaps most exciting was the lavender gown worn by Belle's mother. It is made in the style of the late 1700's, which is when the movie really should take place. A most delightful historical homage!

From Hope2X's tumblr
From Spottytonguedog's tumblr
I much enjoyed seeing Belle in a similarly historical gown, but was uncertain about the texture of cloth they chose for the light blue. It just seemed weird to me.

While it's fun to see different variations of Belle's blue gown, I do wish we could see OUAT interpretations of her pink and green gowns.


  1. I'm having trouble recalling her pink and green gowns from the Disney movie. Pics? Although I do love her red dress from the Christmas movie!

  2. Hi, I'm looking to make Belle's travelling cloak from season one and am struggling where to find a screen accurate fabric. Any suggestions?

    1. Eleanor,

      Unfortunately my personal experience has been that there is no longer a screen accurate fabric for sale anywhere. A client and I looked extensively about four years ago (much closer to the production period) and even then we had trouble finding anything even vaguely similar.


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