Tuesday, February 12, 2013

This Seamstress would like to confess...

...that she is on vacation and taking advantage of it!

Seriously, I have e-mails that I need to reply and I am planning to do those tomorrow. But I'm on a sunny island, and for some reason time slows down and goes faster all at once. One becomes very lazy and suddenly the day is over and major guilt trip! Oh well. I'll return home refreshed, and that's the important part.

I did stop into the island craft store today, and saw that they are renting out sewing machines. What a lovely idea! There are a lot of 'snowbirds' who come down for a week, or two, or twelve, and might love being crafty but can't really afford to buy a second machine/carry one on the airplane (which wouldn't be a good idea anyhow!). Certainly if I were down here more than two weeks I would probably get very antsy and need to rent a machine! I've never seen this option before (and I've been coming down here for 23 years), and think it's brilliant.

Oh, and for those Hunger Game fans who are wondering where the next "Costumes of..." post on their favorite movie is... it's coming! I'm collecting screencaptures now, which is a tedious process, and then I have to edit them before I even get writing on the article. But it'll be up by the end of the month, hopefully!

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