Thursday, February 7, 2013

OUAT - Costume Redesigns

Those of you who follow the Confessions of a Seamstress Facebook page have already seen these, but I figured there were enough of you who aren't on Facebook that it was worth reposting them.

While I utterly adore season 2 of "Once Upon a Time," I've been disappointed in the lack of long flowing dresses. Several of you indicated similar feelings, and requested that I try my hand and designing a few dresses for the ladies of OUAT to fill the gap.

(click the pictures to see larger versions at DeviantArt)

Snow White - OUAT? by ~Elenatintil on deviantART

My first attempt was Snow White, for which I just did a basic Renaissance influenced dress in basic colors and shading.

Belle Red - OUAT by ~Elenatintil on deviantART

For Belle, however, I decided to take one of her dresses from the Disney movie and adapt it as an OUAT designer might. I suspect they'd just more glitter, but I'm happy with the way this one turned out. Especially that fur...

Aurora Final by ~Elenatintil on deviantART

I love the character of Aurora on the show, but I'm rather dismayed that we've only seen her in one dress thus far. I decided to try my hand at adapting the Brier Rose woods outfit. For this one I also tried a new coloring method, in which I did the entire piece in grayscale first, and then glazed it with different colored layers. You can see the original below:

Ariel hasn't appeared on the show yet, but she's due to appear in Season 3 if it gets renewed. Since I'm currently on vacation by the ocean, I thought it would be appropriate to give our favorite mermaid an OUAT make-over! Above are two snapshots of the work in progress... as you can see, I'm influenced by the choices they made for Aurora, as well as Ariel's traditional Disney colors.

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