Saturday, August 6, 2011

I am a Seamstress

It's been over a week since I sewed anything... so weird! And it'll be even longer before I can really do anything because I'll be visiting home this week to welcome my sister back from Europe.

However, I'm still a seamstress, even if I don't sew, and I'm constantly reminded of the fact.

I remember it every time someone asks me my major. "Apparel and Textile Design" is the long answer, but usually I just say "Clothing design" or "Fashion design."

I remember it when I pass an ad in a store window listing an alterations job. I had to seriously hold myself in check and tell myself firmly "You swore you wouldn't get a job your first semester... it'd be too much on your plate... you have 16 credits... you'll be cooking all your own food... NO JOB THIS SEMESTER..." *sigh* But it was for a really cool looking store.

I remember it when I'm looking over clearance T-Shirts in the Christian Bookstore and see that they only have the design I want in larger sizes. Well, what sort of a barrier is that for me? I can alter them!

I remember it when I go to the library and stumble across the sewing section... I stand in awe for several long moments, jaw dropped, just staring at the glorious wealth of information.

I remember it when I write out my schedule and see words like "textiles, fashion history, fashion dynamics."

I remember it when I walk through Walmart and stumble across the fabric section. I finger some white satin for a long moment before convincing myself to wait and retrieve a similar piece from my collection at my parents house. It's hard.

I am a seamstress. It's in my blood.


  1. What a great gift! I don't think I have much that I'm that passionate about--maybe Britain and writing.

    It looks like you've found your passion. Keep it up!

  2. LOL! Believe it or not, I'm equally passionate about Britain, writing and drawing. It becomes a bit crowded in my head sometimes...


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