Friday, August 5, 2011

Apartment Decorating and Organizing

I'm not just returning to college, I'm also starting the adventure of owning my own apartment! As such there is plenty I am enjoying and learning about decorating!

Below is an accent lamp and corner decoration on top of one bookcase.
The gorgeous pattern on my new duvet cover
Tons of embroider pillows -- happiness!
A look at this corner's arrangement (the only one that is currently in shape for a photo op!)
The spice shelf!
It took me almost an hour to sort out the spices.
Bathroom! It was pretty bland, so I jazzed it up with some removable wall decals from Target. They rock! What else rocks? 3M removable hooks... they come in silver now!
A shower curtain adds so much to a bathroom.
We have no idea why there were no hooks or a mirror on the back of this door... but we decided to remedy the problem!
My laundry hamper has three sections - perfection! Ikea for the win
It even comes with sleeves to label the different sections
This may be my favorite piece... another wall decal with attachable rhinestones. It actually looks like a real chandelier!

You can find more pictures and details about the move at my personal blog. More sewing projects will be coming soon!

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