Saturday, August 23, 2014

Confession: I procrastinate on cost queries.

Well, procrastination is actually not entirely accurate. It's more that it could appear to be procrastination, but the reality is I have to make choices about what to do when, and answering cost queries come below working on current commissions. My method is now to answer queries in blocks, and if you'd like further details, read on! (As of 8/23/14 I am currently catching up on all the queries in my inbox.)

My query form submission confirmation has been promising y'all replies in 3 days... which hasn't happened for most of you. That is now fixed with a link leading here.

I get a lot of queries. I have found it to be much more efficient to answer them in large groups. Because I constantly collect new data as I create each costume, answering everything as close to the new queue openings means I have the most data to give you the best quote for your project. If I gave you a quote nine months before my queue opened, that quote might change before I reached the point of sewing it. Which would be frustrating for us both.

Because my queue only opens once or twice a year, if you are in a hurry and my queue is not due to open for several months I strongly recommend that you search out other costumers. The nearest deadline I could meet after my queue opens is usually three months after that. (Costuming is a busy business right now. For which I am thankful, but does make life more difficult for you, the customer).

I'm a one woman business, and I have another job (writing) and also some health issues that can affect my timetable and even my ability to get on the computer when a migraine hits. Often I have to chose to give my attention to the costume currently in construction rather than replying to queries from potential customers. Is this ideal? No, but for now it is the one that actually happens and I need to be honest with you about it.

Some of you sent me queries months ago and are only now getting answers. Please know that I am thankful for your patience, and I completely understand if you found another costumer in the meantime. As much as I dearly wish I could complete all the sewing each and every one of you needs, I simply don't have the time - especially since my health requires that I institute longer periods for myself to work on each costume than another costumer might. I am continuing to do my best, and being clear about the reply wait times is my attempt to avoid misunderstandings or worries on your part.

Plus, all this means that if you are patient for the queue and do commission a costume from me, you can know that I will give it my all and you will own a piece that I believe is worth waiting for.

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