Friday, August 15, 2014

White to Blue Skirt Refashion

Well, I was happy with the length, but between being tired of white skirts and not liking how the elastic waistband sat on my waist and poofed out, I wasn't wearing the skirt at all. 

So I threw it in a batch of blue dye and got ready to refashion!

First I chopped off that huge elastic waistband and separated the overskirt from the modesty underskirt. Since the fabric was darker now, I no longer needed the modesty slip. I used that fabric to form a new, fitted waistband. The I put the skirt on my dress form and pinned in the sides and created darts in both front and back to get the more fitted look I wanted.

Now the skirt was 95% okay without the modesty slip - but that upper layer of lace had just enough peepholes that I needed to put something there - so I put that blue bias tape to work!

I sewed the bias tape from the outside to make sure my seams would look straight where they would actually be seen.

Then I sewed the waistband to the skirt, inserted a zipper, and did a row of white topstitching to make the waistband seam match the other seams.

I like the skirt SO much better now and it is much more comfortable and cool with the removal of the weird elastic and the slip! Plus now I can safely wear it after Labor Day!

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