Clothing Design and Alteration

Costumes are my passion, but I also love designing and altering modern clothing as well. Below are links to the photo diaries of some of the projects I've embarked upon in the last few years.

Blue Sundress (or how to turn a skirt into a sundress)
Part 1

Part 2

Blue Floral Sundress (2016)

Brown Ripple Skirt (in 2 hours! Tutorial!)

Red and Black Party Frock
Part 1
Part 2

Cream Vintage Tunic/Dress
Part 1
Part 2

Dotted Chiffon Party Dress
Part 1

Floral Sundress
Part 1
Part 2

Blue Floral Knit Blouse
How to Make a Skirt from a T-Shirt
1950's Housedress (Modern Twist)
Blue Knit Dress
Purple Nebula Skirt
Pink Reception Dress and Interior Finishing
White to Blue Skirt Refashion
Maroon Dress Recycled
Flower Girl Dress Alterations
Plaid Skirt Redesign
Second Life for a T-Shirt (Paris)
Skirt gets Cinderella Treatment

Harry Potter T-Shirt (Ravenclaw)

Paisley Sundress
Part 1
Part 2

Pink Pearl Prom Dress

Really Simple Skirts You Can Make Yourself
The Uber-Simple No-Pattern Skirt
Even Easier Uber-Simple Skirts!
The Strawberry Skirt - With Pockets

Want to see my design and fashion sketches? Check out my deviantART profile! 

Yearn to have a custom made piece of your own? Contact me at elenatintil [at] gmail [dot] com to discuss commissioning an item or ensemble.