Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Second Life for a T-Shirt

I had this adorable Paris t-shirt that honestly couldn't be worn anymore. It was too boxy and not flattering. However I loved the design and it was good fabric and I simply just couldn't throw it away. So I decided to remake it into a tank top.

First off, I took a tank with a neckline I liked and used it as guides for the sleeve and neckhole. I marked off the curves on the inside of the t-shirt with my dressmakers wax.
Since I don't have a serger, the neck and arm holes were going to remain raw edges. I wanted the bottom to match and also wanted to get as much length as I could, so I let down the hem. Every half inch counts!
I then fitted the side seams to give the top some shape. (Remember how it was boxy before? Well, no more!)
Ta da! Isn't it looking great?
However I knew the edges were going to stretch and they looked a little unprofessional without any finishing. So I took some brown ribbon and ran it through all the raw edges.
The result? A cute, modest tank that looks like it came from a boutique! Win.

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