Tuesday, July 12, 2011

One Dress. 100 Days. For Orphans.

Have you ever wondered how many different ways you can wear a little black dress (the staple of any fashionable young woman's wardrobe). Well, Miss elaini ous' is demonstrating 100 different styles in an effort to raise awareness for the plight of orphans. Each day she wears a little black dress in a different way, and at the end she hopes to have raised $50,000 for orphans.

Miss elani's story struck a real chord with me. Of course I appreciated the fashion side, and I've also felt a real pull to the cause of orphans ever since I first read the story of Amy Carmichael as a child. However, the third part is what I find most astonishing and inspiring. Like me, Miss elani has suffered from severe health problems over the last few years -- so severe that on many days she couldn't even move. When her health returned, instead of thinking of how many of her own dreams she could fulfill, she instead decided to put her time and effort into helping parentless children in the name of Christ.

She has currently raised just under $8,000 and has only 27 days to raise the remaining $40,000. Will you give her a hand? Even if you can't donate (and you can give in any amount you wish!), you can assist her greatly by posting her story on your blog, facebook, tumblr or twitter!

Find out more about Miss elani, see her fabulous fashions, and donate here: http://misselainious.com/

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