Friday, July 15, 2011

Harry Potter Robe, Part 1

I got lucky enough to have a friend commission this robe from me. So even though I didn't go in costume myself, I still got to sew something Hogwarts-inspired!

Since I couldn't measure my friend myself and had to work off coat size, I decided to take a pattern I had and adapt it to fit. There wasn't a single style that fit Hogwarts, but I mixed and matched.
We had five yards of fabric and the pattern called for six, but with a bit of folding I was able to make everything fit. With a robe this voluminous it wasn't a big deal.
Also, my pattern only went up to a medium and my friend was a large! So I had to compute the next size up based on the changes between the sizes marked on my pattern. It actually worked perfectly!
For a Gryffindor Robe it is of course necessary to have a bit of red lining in the front and hood. Rather than line the whole thing in the more costly red, I just cut a width for the front.
The dart also had to be moved to accommodate the larger size!

Darts used to scare me because they're kind of tricky to transfer to the fabric evenly. However for straight darts you can fold the fabric/pattern over the ruler and run chalk down the fold. It was awesome.
Front lining assembled.
Stay tuned for part two, which includes pictures of the final product and pricing information if you want to order your own fantasy/medieval robe!

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