Friday, February 28, 2014

Paisley Sundress - Part 2

Ready to see more of the Paisley Sundress?

The bodice pieces required a bit of gathering into the waistband to get them to form the proper cup shape. My sister loves layering her clothing, so I knew she'd likely be wearing something underneath this anyhow, so I didn't have to stress about coverage issues.

Getting the points on the hem just so was pretty finicky. I opted to serge the raw edges and just fold them over once for the hem. I didn't want it getting too bulky either.

All seams were finished with my serger, but nothing was lined. I wanted this to be a very light dress that my sister could choose to layer if she wished. I also thought it would work pretty well as a cover-up over a swim suit.

And it's done!

The skirt ended up a bit longer than I'd originally intended, so it's got more of a maxi-dress feel. Which is cool, because maxis are totally in.

Just a straight simple zipper up the back. I added a couple of hooks at the braided trim to keep it closed properly. The braid has the added benefit of giving some underbust support! 

And here we go, sketch to dress! I'm pretty happy with how it turned out!

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