Tuesday, February 11, 2014

First look at OUAT's Rapunzel!

When it was announced that OUAT would be diverting from the traditional Rapunzel ethnicity, I was less thrown off than many fans, having adored Regina Doman's multicultural take on the fairy tale in her book "Rapunzel Let Down" last year. And I must say, this first look does not disappoint! I'm delighted to see the clothing taking an earlier medieval and less "prom dress princess" style, here's hoping I get to recreate this gold gown at some point, although that velvet might be a bit of a pain to match!

Storywise, I'm a little less excited by details. It's very unlikely that they're following much of the traditional tale apart from the "long-haired girl in the tower" details, as this Prince Charming is hardly going to impregnate this Rapunzel with twins (check out the older versions of fairy tale for that scandalous detail!).


  1. Then again, given how crazy the Charming family tree is..this could be a flashback to where it's not Charming, but James, his less-than-awesome twin.

  2. My word, that's beautiful. Wish I could commission it just so you could make it!

  3. OUAT tends to not be as Grimm in fairy tales. The dress is lovely. I can see you getting requests.


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