Thursday, February 27, 2014

Paper Dresses of Awesomeness

Two different friends had to tag me with this link before I finally checked it out. Sorry guys, you were right, this is awesome!

The gist of the story is this very creative little girl wanted to create her own replica of famous dresses. Her mom helped her out, and together (splitting the work 50-50) they used mostly various kinds of paper and lots of tape to recreate some recent red carpet and runway stunners (not to mention a few Disney princesses!)

Growing up as a creative gal and followed around by a super creative little sister, my bar is set pretty high. But this little girl utterly stuns me with her ambition, creativity and talent. I can't wait to see what she grows up to be!

You can read more about this amazing mom/daughter duo here, or check out their Instagram page for every more dressy awesomeness!

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