Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Modern Twist on the 1950's Housedress

 Between Fibromyalgia and working from home, I spend most of my days doing stuff around the house and not seeing people. So wearing comfy yoga style clothes is pretty much my fashion of choice these days. I've come to especially love comfy sleeveless dresses. They can be layered in cold temps, or stand on their own when out in the hot sun.

I wanted to add a few more of these types of dresses to my wardrobe, so I decided to make one yesterday. Finding the fabric in my stash was actually the most difficult part. I have a TON of fabric, but finding something that was comfortable, pretty, not see-through, and large enough to make a dress was HARD. I finally settled on this print. It has a VERY 1950's vibe to it, and also Scandinavia undertones, which I decided to just embrace with the contrasting navy binding.

It was a pretty easy project. It consists of three pieces, no waistline, no darts. I cut it on an A-line, leaving it on the roomy side. I spent less than two hours total making it.

It isn't meant to be worn out and about, but it's fine for home stuff, and feels more 'cute' than knit shorts and a baggy tee!

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