Friday, May 2, 2014

I usually don't poke myself with needles

(Blood trigger warning)

I don't blame people for being wary of needles. After all, we associate them with drawing blood and that is not a pleasant experience.

Still, you can't be a seamstress and not be comfortable with these little bits of pointy metal, and I'm more than at home with them. Sure I tend to wear shoes in the sewing room, just in case, but for the most part even if I do poke myself, it's just a bit of pain that quickly goes away. No blood, no fuss.

Well yesterday there was a bit of blood, which I found surprising because, as I said, that usually doesn't happen. Thankfully I was working on a personal project, not a commission, and it was on the inside of a petticoat so it's hardly a big deal. It's definitely got a part of me in it now, and all.

I'm blessed with tough fingers, though. In college when we did the lab for blood types, I couldn't get enough blood with the pokey thing whatchamacallet to find out what my type was. Which was lame, but oh well. Tough fingers and a good clotting factor are good for a seamstress.

So that's today's confession - the first gory one, I think! ;)

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