Friday, May 16, 2014

Belle Blue Dress - Version #6!

When I first saw Belle's blue dress, as interpreted by Once Upon a Time and worn by Emilie de Ravin, I loved it and had no idea that I would (to date) create six different replicas of the costume. This version was actually finished and shipped out in December, I've just been too busy to blog about it until now!

The most notable tweak that happened with this costume was inserting a zipper in the back.

The chiffon likes to slip around and while previous versions had included a tie, it still resulted in too big of a neckline that slipped around. I've been adding snaps to the shoulder seam with their connecting pieces on the bodice, but the zipper was an even better touch.

Ironically, this change came about because I cut the back piece too narrow. What a fortunate mistake!

I included a petticoat with this version.

Overall I think this may be my most accurate recreation to date!

My one peeve with this version is that the back didn't turn out perfectly smooth. My customer was tremendously happy with the costume though, so I'm not brooding over it... just something to watch next time.

This is actually the first time my queue has not held a version of Belle's blue dress in it, and I'm a little sad... here's hoping the craze for this dress hasn't ended forever, because I'd like to make another eventually.

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