Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Princess Merida - Part 3

I'm so excited to show you the pictures of the finished dress! I might be squealing! Okay, I'm actually sitting here quite sedately... ask my assistant if you don't believe me! But I'm terribly excited because the dress turned out so well and my customer sent me some awesome action shots which you'll see further down...

I am just so in love with this style of dress. I should maybe make one for myself...?

Doing lacing up the back like that and getting it to lay straight and even is fussy... my inserts with boning seem to have done the trick though!

The eyelets took forever. And of course I was in the middle of doing them when I got my wasp sting on my right hand, and the last thing I could do was wield a hammer. My customer had to be a bit more patient than expected due to this delay... but thankfully I'd allowed plenty of time to get it done!

Photo by Joseph Moulton
And here she is! The fearless Merida!
Photo by Joseph Moulton
I am so ridiculously thrilled to see one of my costumes used in such an authentic photoshoot. (This isn't really Scotland but it sure looks like it!)

Photo by Joseph Moulton
Isn't she fantastic?
Photo by Joseph Moulton

Photo by Joseph Moulton

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