Saturday, October 19, 2013

Red Cloak Variation

This is an example of a variation I can do on Red's cloak to make it more affordable. Instead of going with the exact fabric ($25 a yard when you include shipping), I found a pretty but cheaper velveteen for this client. The back turned out rather interesting because I didn't cut it exactly how I would normally do a cloak and had to play around with it... lesson learned! It still works as a nice cloak, it's just not as perfect as I could have wished. 


  1. How much did this method cost the buyer, and would you be willing to do it again once orders open again?

    1. Meg,

      I'm sorry but we are unable to repeat this variation again as it is beyond the skills of my independent contractors who do the cloaks and my own work queue is full through 2015.


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