Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Altering vs. Creating

In your opinion does it take more skill to alter a ready-made garment,
or to create something from scratch using a pattern? And why do you
think some tailor's/seamstresses only do alterations while some prefer
to create--not fix? - A.R.

I think it really depends on the seamstress. Most people can pick up a bit of sewing and learn how to alter something existing to fit them better... it's just a matter of pinning and ripping. However it's not hugely creative and is very fussy, which is why more artisticly innovative seamstresses prefer to create, while more mathematically minded precise people will find more satisfaction in tailoring. 

Any thoughts, fellow seamstresses and tailors?

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  1. I think your answer is spot on!! I hate alterations. I freely express my distaste for them and your answer completely supports that. Although, depending on the garment, I hate alterations because I do not want to take apart someone's hard work.


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