Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Snow White Bandit Costume - Part 1

Customer's Ref photo

Remember when Snow White was a Bandit on "Once Upon a Time" and wore a totally awesome but still princess-y costume?

Another ref. Photo. Not mine.

Yeah. I got to recreate that one.

I don't even know where she found this ref photo, but it was a fantastic help!

We started out with making the blouse from a very light cotton voile. It was fun but time consuming to do the ruffles!

I found some trim at JoAnn's that was a reasonably close match.

My assistant Hannah did all of the little pintucks around the collar. Amazing!

For the leather vest, I made a cotton lining that I then sewed the leather directly onto. I got a bunch of scrap leather for $10 a pound at the fabric warehouse, and mixed and matched it along with some brocade to replicate Snow's unique vest.

I actually got my fiance to help with the cutting and color sorting! Which meant that by the time the costume was done, five different people had worked on it!

We sewed down two strips of the trim back to back to create the wider front piece. It was pretty awesome to see our finished product look so close to the original!

I probably say this with almost every costume, but this really was one of the coolest we've done. And you haven't seen it all yet... collar, cloak and pants are all in part 2!


  1. Can't wait to see this finished!!! I am a big fan of Once Upon A Time. I made an Evil Queen costume for last year. Stop by my blog when you have a moment:

  2. Hello ! I absolutly love the result of the vest, do you know where I could find the pattern for this ? I'd like to do one :)
    Congrats from France !

  3. Alienor, I created the pattern myself. Sorry!

  4. Question on your vest, did you just hand stitch each strip to the backing? I love your work it is beautiful btw!

  5. how long did it take to make it all?


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