Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Sailor Moon Queen Serenity - Part 2

What's the story behind this piece? Check out Part 1!

This was a next-to-final picture I sent my customer to confirm everything about the costume before I stitched on the bows. She was happy with everything except for the shape of the chiffon bow in back and asked if I could starch it so that it contrasted better with the back of the dress.

On this picture you can see a slight rippling on the center back profile. This was a difficulty with the bias cut - it was very hard to get the zipper to lay flat with the way the fabric was pulling. For a future version of this dress I would not bias cut it - or at least not the underdress, and I'd use boning to create more structure.

And here is the finished dress, photographed nicely against some lilac fabric I had around...

Look at that skirt!

See how the back bow stands out better now that it has been starched?

To starch the back bow, I mixed starch and water in a spray bottle and sprayed it onto the bow, which I'd hung from a clothesline. It took two applications to get the bow to the desired stiffness.

The bow is sewn down on one side of the zipper, and attaches via hook and eye on the other.

Two hooks and eyes hold the top of the dress closed.

A closer look at the upper front.

Everything at once!

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