Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Snow White Bandit Costume - Part 2

Wasp sting has receeded to feeling like mild arthritis, so I can get the second half of this post up. (First half here)

I choose not to line the cloak as it was already quite thick and heavy, and instead used bias tape over the outer seams to create a nice finish. (Inner seams were serged).

For the hood especially this meant a lot of tinkering!

I experimented with some different ways of tacking down the cording on the pants before sewing. I tried doing small basting knots with thick thread, but the thick thread was too waxy and pulled out. Pooh.

So for leg #2 i just pinned it all down and then sewed over the ribbon on both sides. It worked much better and was quicker too.

Because specific riding pants were needed for this part of the costume, my customer sent me a pair of her own riding pants which I modified to match Snow's. I had to cut a new seam up the front because none of the existing seams were easy to open to get the lacing on. I also did not apply the leather patch over the knees, as it was just too difficult to figure out how to attach it properly without having the customer present to fit it on.

To exactly recreate the fur collar and use real fur would have been quite expensive (over $200) but I found some good long faux fur at the fabric warehouse that I think worked very nicely. It's basically a tube I then tacked around the edges of the vest.

Final pieces of the costume were the gauntlets! I made a quick pattern out of a JoAnn's sales flyer and used a marker to trace the shape onto the back of a piece of leather.

I sewed down a strip of brocade on each gauntlet, then put in eyelets.

Here's my client, posing with a fantastic Mulan cosplayer!


  1. How much would you charge to make something like this?

  2. Leassa, my costume queue is currently full through the end of the summer. You can learn more about my commission process and how to get a price quote here:


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