Monday, October 28, 2013

Princess Merida - Part 2

Here you can see the upper half of the sleeves, with interfacing to reinforce the sides where eyelets will be inserted for lacing.

Adding interfacing to the neckline facing.

Here you can see the neck facing, as well as the inserts for the back-up lacing. There is a length of boning in each of the insets to keep the back laying flat.

Making tons of little tubes to join the sleeves together!

Measuring out the spaces carefully so the sleeves hang evenly.

Each tube was stitched into the seam allowance for stability, then the seam was closed with invisible hand stitching.

Here you can see how the insets have been sewn in and the eyelets added to the back. Stability, modesty and practicality!

Making that neck slit was pretty tricky, and we ended up hemming the top and reinforcing the bottom with some soft silky hem tape.

Ready to see the final pictures? Check out Part 3!

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