Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Mini Marie Antoinette

Oh man oh man oh man.

This is probably the most elaborate halloween costume I've ever seen on a kid this small. Wow. This is one dedicated mom!

I have to say I love that in this case "Princess" = "Marie Antoinette." How often do you get a kid's princess costume that's not just shine and cheap velvet? This Robe a la Francaise is exquisite, and the photos detailing the process and the finished product are fantastic.

I'm really looking forwards to sewing costumes for my own kids someday, but I don't think they'll ever get 72 hours spent on one piece that they'll grow out of in three months. However, if I did ever make something this intricate for them, I'd want to make sure we do what this mom did and get the finished product properly photographed. Can you imagine having these pictures of your little darling forever? Now THAT would be a keepsake!

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