Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Queen Regina and Tinker Bell

What an exciting promotional picture for Season 3 of ABC's hit show, "Once Upon a Time." Not only do we get our first glimpse of Tinker Bell, (in a beautifully designed costume!) but we also get to see the return of one of my very favorite Regina costumes, the white empire waist (which I recreated earlier this year). And can we get some "oohs" and "awws" over the gorgeous sunflower decked set? I wonder what kind of festival is going on, what Tink is doing there, and what Regina wants with her. Furthermore, is Tinker Bell going to be a "good" character or in league with the baddies? Considering what they've done with Peter Pan, anything could happen...

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  1. Lovely costumes! Sometimes I just really wish I could work on a project like this. I really need to get into the film industry. ;D


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