Thursday, September 5, 2013

Rogue Cosplay

I put a lot of thought into choosing which uniform to create for my Rogue cosplay. For a long time I was determined to do the short sleeved zip-up she's had on Legacy for the past few years, as I've always loved the design. However, after talking to my friend Mazzie who had done a version of it for C2E2, I realized that it was going to be a fussy piece to do... and I didn't have time to be fussy. I asked Nathan for his input and he said he liked Rogue's newest uniform more, so I decided to go with that one.

The pattern was really easy to make. I'd gotten the fabric ages ago for just $7, and I used some leggings and a long sleeved stretch shirt as pattern templates.

I had to do two layers of white to get it thick and strong enough to have a stable stripe.

I played around a lot with the hood to get the right width on the stripe. Also, to hold it stiff enough, I inserted a layer of thin interfacing. It gave it a beautifully crisp look without making it bulky or uncomfortable.

I had to make some modifications after the initial assembly... mostly letting out the pants and cutting a new back for the top to make it all fit better. But it wasn't that difficult. I didn't have time or the inclination to set up my serger to do the hems, so I just blind-stitched them.

The single most difficult part of cosplaying Rogue is her white bangs. People do everything from splicing two different colored wigs together, to bleaching their hair. Neither of those options were going to work for me, but I purposely grew out my bangs so that I could slip a clip-in on. I got a nice one from Ulta ($15) and it worked beautifully.

The belt buckle is the one piece I'd redo for reusing this costume. I'd like to order a nice version from someone who knows how to make these things properly. However, for my version, I just took a piece of foam, hollowed out the back to stick a buckle in, and used elastic to create the raised design. I covered the elastic with a glue mixture to give it a smooth texture, than painted the whole thing with white acrylics.

So thankful that this costume of Rogue's involved black boots... I was able to reuse the same pair I used for Lorna at C2E2. Tracking down white gloves was a bit trickier, as the first Claires I stopped at was out of white gloves!

But here it is all together...

Oh wait, there's one more piece needed... Hello Remy LeBeau!

We had SO much fun cosplaying this couple together! Is it any wonder we got engaged just two weeks later?

Playing around with Carol Danvers!

That's all for now, folks! Unless you want to see Gambit's side of the process, that is!

(Note to prospective customers - I don't do stretch bodysuits or work with spandex for anyone I can't fit in person. It's just too tricky.)

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