Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Princess of Fairies (Pink Corset Photoshoot)

I made this pink corset earlier this year, but did not have a chance to photograph it until now. Also, I'd been meaning to complete an entire costume with more coordinating fabric, but business has been so intense that I simply don't have time for personal sewing anymore. However yesterday my sister had the time and energy to do a photoshoot, and I pulled together a blouse from an earlier costume, a thrifted skirt, my new dagger, and some black lace to create this ensemble. It's neither historically accurate nor completely fantasy (to my mind anyhow) but a friend thought I looked like a fairy so that's what I titled this post.

Hair influenced by The White Queen
Lacing makes everything better


I liked my hair up, but my sister insisted we take some shots with it down as well.

Wreath was $1 from Claires. Knew I'd have a use for it...

Beware of girl with dagger

Sometimes my hair is so close to being red!

Spot the engagement ring?

Now this, I think, is a fairy shot...


  1. Hmmm, I'm not entirely sure about the fairy, other than that last shot that you captioned. More of a fantastical princess that wasn't necessarily a warrior, but could be.


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