Saturday, September 7, 2013

Gambit Cosplay

Nathan and I knew we wanted to cosplay Gambit and Rogue, but we were pretty picky about just what Gambit costume we wanted to utilize. We liked the coat from the above picture, but with our time, budget and aesthetic preferences, we really weren't sold on the underarmor.

Then we found this cosplay. Very doable foam armor in black, with magenta detailing. Perfect!

Thankfully I had done foam armor before and knew how to do it. Nathan was quite eager to construct it himself, so I helped a bit with the pattern and directions, but he did the bulk of the work himself.

You can learn how to make foam armor with this awesome tutorial.

I have learned that I cannot make gloves. I gave it a try but it really didn't pan out. I did end up modifying a pair of winter gloves that looked cool... but then we forgot them at home! Lamesauce, right?

Anyhow, here is the coat coming together. I lined the interior (but not the sleeves) and used the exterior broadcloth for the front facing as well.

It was a bit difficult to determine how long the coat should be, and after cutting it out I realized that it wasn't long enough. So I cut it in half and added a long waistband.

And then I had fun with gathers. Cool, eh?

Foam armor isn't difficult, but it takes time because you have to apply several layers of glue mixture and those have to dry. I kept the armor out on my second worktable and just applied glue twice a day.

The leg armor didn't get quite as much work, but I think they turned out pretty snazzy! My sister came to our assistance and helped cut out all of the overlay pieces.

Metallic spray paint is the coolest thing ever. Look how it transformed the leg armor!

To complete the costume, Nathan found black boots and shirt, and I modified a pair of pants for him. We attached straps to all of the pieces, added the magenta detailing to the chestplate, I sewed a binding around the coat (but we weren't able to get all the buckles in time, boo), and we cut a ski mask to the correct shape. A ton of hair gel and... voila! The ragin' Cajun!

Nathan did look into contacts, but they weren't feasible for us this time around. So the red-eyes in this picture, as well as the card effects are in photoshop. Next time I hope we'll have the time to make actual light-up cards!

It was really fun to see Nathan have such a good time pulling this cosplay together and wearing it, and I loved being a coordinating couple!

I'd like to polish up the coat eventually and add a belt and such to the costume for future outings.

Want to learn how I made my Rogue costume? Check it out here!


  1. Can you please post a pattern for the trench coat, please?

  2. Sorry, I adapted an existing pattern and pretty much changed it completely.

  3. Can you at least show/tell me what existing pattern you based it on? (I didn't mean for it to sound pushy)

  4. I'm sorry but it was a year ago now and I don't remember for sure (I make a lot of costumes!) It was either Simplicity or McCall's, and I think it may have been their Willy Wonka pattern.

  5. How did you accomplish the mask?


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