Saturday, September 28, 2013

"Littlefinger" Game of Thrones

I've not done a "Costumes of..." post for Game of Thrones (others have that covered) but I'm a fan of the costuming choices the show has made. Recently I got a chance to recreate this costume worn by Petyr "Littlefinger" Baelish.

(Not my picture...)

(also not my picture. Customer provided reference.)

(Another customer provided reference)

This is actually my picture.

It was a bit tricky for me to determine the exact colors and fiber content of the different fabrics. In the end, we decided on the above grayish-brown suiting for the surcoat.

It was kind of fun to put the tucks in the upper body.

Finding appropriate trim was HARD. I thought I had lucked out with a trim that was both narrow and wavy... but what I got was round, not flat. Ugh. Thankfully my customer was happy with straight edges, which was much easier to procure.

That took a lot of trim.

I was specifically requested not to make the costume too hot and heavy, so I chose to leave the tunic unlined. This did mean that we handstitched the hems to keep them as invisible as possible, as seen above.

Hemming the facing.

Invisible zipper up the front.

Laying it out...

With the belt!

A look at the inside finishing.

The brocade we choose for the tunic is a bit more vivid that what's seen on the show, but it was the closest we could find in a reasonable price range.

Collar fastens with a hook. You'll note the matching pattern at the top of the zipper... that was unintentional, but cool.

The belt was pretty simple, just cord and a clasp.

The surcoat has a closure at the waistline.

Overall I am pleased with the detail we accomplished in this deceptively simple costume. My client was quite pleased with it as well.


  1. Gorgeous as always! I love that brocade!

  2. Great pictures and very helpful as I am hoping to make this costume as well. Could you possibly give me an idea of the amount of fabric needed for each piece (the inside garment and the exterior garment)?

  3. Wow. Good show ol' chap! Great work. I want to make one for my husband, too.


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