Friday, August 30, 2013

Belle Blue - Round 5

Believe it or not, I actually like repeating costumes. Well, some of them anyhow (there are a few I wouldn't want to make again unless I was charging a LOT more...). For the most part, though, it's nice to have gone through the ropes already, so I know what works and what needs further tweaking. 

I'm actually not tired of making Belle's Blue Dress from "Once Upon a Time" even though this is the fifth incarnation. Happily each version has had some differences that make it unique, so I've not be doing the exact same thing each time.

This customer lives in a warm climate, and requested that the blouse be simply the sleeves and neckline inserted into the bodice. This required the inclusion of a modesty panel under the lacing, which accomplished her other request - that there be snaps or hooks assisting in holding the laced edges together.

Another difference with this version is that, in line with make it more warm climate friendly, I opted to create the blouse out of cotton voile, rather than chiffon. The voile was actually more delicate and fussy to work with, but it made a really soft, lovely finished product.

And here you can see a close-up on the embroidery work.

It's always a bit more challenging to work on a plus-sized customer, but I'm quite happy with how nicely this all turned out.

This is the second costume to include a petticoat, which once again I think is a really fun addition.

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