Friday, August 23, 2013

There is an actual Queue Board and this is how I made it

I talk about my queue board a lot, but did you know that I have an actual board I keep track of all of my orders on?

I took two magnetic whiteboards (less than $5 apiece at Target) and glued them onto a long piece of cardboard.

I then covered the boards as seamlessly as possible with pink cardstock. I first tested to make sure that the magnets would still work strongly on top of both the cardstock and any paper I wanted to affix to it magnetically.

I then created a grid by gluing down thin pink ribbon evenly over the paper.

To finish the edges nicely, I created a border of a wider pink ribbon and lace.

I then glued/taped down all of the excess thin ribbon...

...which I covered by wrapping thick white ribbon around the whole thing. I left excess ribbon at the top to hang it on the wall.

I then affixed two long loose ribbons to separate the catagories I wanted to distinguish later.

For magnets I bought simple black and white rounds (also at Target). I covered them with light pink acrylic paint. It took a couple of coats to cover the black completely.

I then found some sparkly beads...

...and glued them to the top of the magnets to finish them off.

All that remained was to create a cute little box at the bottom to hold the blank info cards and a pen.

Voila! Queue board! (names removed for privacy)

I was pretty pleased with how it turned out.

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